Who We Are

Kankakee Forgives is a movement to reduce violence through the act of forgiveness. Our mission is to provide tools to navigate the difficult road from hurting to healing.

Why Forgiveness?

As we hold onto feelings of anger and hurt, our bodies remain in survival mode. This raises blood pressure, cortisol levels, and anxiety. Forgiveness allows our bodies to regulate again, and the benefits are undeniable.

When we are hurt, our anger and heartache can build into something that demands action. Our energy is focused on the person who hurt us, and our health, finances, and academics begin to suffer in consequence. Eventually, our pain begins to own us. Taking the first step toward forgiveness is an action you must do for yourself (sometimes before any amends are made). As we liberate ourselves from the person and decisions that hurt us, we create space in our lives to thrive. Forgiveness is the first step toward healing, and we believe you should do it for you.

Mission & Values

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